• Payday Loan

    Short term loans also have their share in popularity when it comes to bridging financial difficulties. Our company offers these short term or payday loans to simply get you through until the next time your salary comes out.

    Payday Loan
  • Foreigner Loan

    Are you a foreigner? Fret not because we have the perfect package for you! While most foreigners in Singapore generally have a hard time acquiring loans from banks, our company can approve foreigner loans fast and easy.

    Foreigner Loan
  • Student Loan

    To answer the influx of students year after year here in Singapore, our company has come up with a student loan that would be ideal for students to fund their studies and finally get a diploma!

    Student Loan
  • Personal Loan

    Arguably the most popular form of loan that our company offers is the Personal Loan. With it, you can acquire some financial aid for your unexpected expenses and emergencies. The loan does not require a minimum income which makes it very flexible in terms of loan amount and repayment structure applied.

    Personal Loan
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Need instant money for your sudden expenses but do not know where and how to get it? Are you also in need of a fast loan to make urgent payments? Or, are you short on money for personal needs?Looking for banks or moneylenders which offer fast loans can be complicated considering that they will require you to provide them with several papers to secure a loan. Even if you have satisfied all the requirements, the lender will not guarantee you that your desired loan will be granted.But with Advanced Cash Credit Pte Ltd, a licensed money lending firm in Singapore, your money problems are over as there will be a loan package that will suit your needs. Our company provides personal or study loans and offers reasonable payment schemes unlike other banks and lending institutions.Advanced Cash Credit Pte Ltd can grant desired loans within hours or right after the pertinent documents are approved. An individual can avail of fast personal or low income loans if he or she is a Singaporean or a permanent resident of Singapore. Apply now to get your loan straight away.


We have build a web based calculator to compute on your loan amount, repayment amount or interests incurred to make sure that you are comfortable with the repayment. You can then make use of the approved short term loan to make quick payments on your unexpected expenses.Advanced Cash Credit Pte Ltd, a licensed lending company in Singapore, has a short term loan which intended to cover your unexpected expenses. You can borrow a maximum amount equivalent to one month’s salary or even choose a customized loan up to $10K! Conditions applyLocal Lending firms may not accord nor extend loans to Foreigners with similar loan packages and payment schemes as our company. Even low income individuals can avail themselves to our flexible loans. You might wish to study our loan packages and find out that it is actually amongst the best loans tailored especially for foreigners and low income earners.We are confident that if you study again, you will find one loan package that suits your financial need.

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